Thursday, May 19, 2011

TucsonMama Birth Stories -Exploring and Challenging Limits

Anita is the Director of Social Media and Blogging for and shared her experience giving birth to her beautiful daughter P. with TucsonMama and so with us. Here is a little excerpt. Find the rest over at Tucson Mama.

"There were several times when I was thinking “ETHER!!! Didn’t they use ETHER in the 50′s? Why don’t they give me ETHER!!!” But I couldn’t speak, and it was too late anyway.). Pretty soon I felt like I *really* had  to push. My legs were wobbly and D was really holding me up."

The TucsonMama Birth Story series is sponsored by Tucson Medical Center as part of our commitment to maternal and family health, and in an effort to build and maintain a strong and supportive community. Not all the births featured in this series take place at TMC, or even in a hospital.
Birth stories! We love ‘em! If you want to share your birth story with the TucsonMama community, email julie at tucsonmama dot com. We’re interested in all stories, not just those at TMC. Thanks for sharing!

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