Saturday, May 7, 2011

TucsonMama Birth Stories - Will it be a VBAC?

"The L&D nurse was fabulous–we could tell right off the bat–funny, bright, warm, and totally respectful of me. In triage, I’d put on a long tank top dress instead of the gown, and no one blinked an eye (at Linc’s birth they told me I should put the gown on, and I just did it rather than argue–this was something I felt strongly that I wanted to be different this time). We chit chatted, settled in the room, put our music on the boom box we had brought, and the vibe in the room was so good. The contractions were getting really painful by then, and I was having a hard time managing them, as they were much longer and about 2-3 minutes apart."

You have to read the first two posts, but they're so worth it in this birth story from TucsonMama Julie about her second child. Was she able to have a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC) with her first child? Go and read.


The TucsonMama Birth Story series is sponsored by Tucson Medical Center as part of their commitment to maternal and family health, and in an effort to build and maintain a strong and supportive community. Not all the births featured in this series take place at TMC, or even in a hospital.

Birth stories! We love ‘em! If you want to share your birth story with the TucsonMama community, email julie at tucsonmama dot com. We’re interested in all stories, not just those at TMC. Thanks for sharing!

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