Monday, June 20, 2011

Being Prepared sometimes just takes an Index Card.

You've heard the stories, "Three-year old calls 911 and saves Dad's life." We don't like to think that our children would ever be in that position, but what if? Have you helped your child prepare for a situation like this?

Take five minutes, an index card and make a simple sign to help your child in case you're in a position where you can't speak and need emergency services. Keep it simple. A picture of an ambulance and a phone, the numbers 911 and a picture of a house with your address written clearly maybe all a child who recognizes numbers needs to make that call. Stick the sign on the wall right next to the phone. Discuss on a regular basis with your child and explain what situations are appropriate for them to dial 911. Practice what they would say.

You may wish to have a dedicated phone for emergency calls. A phone that doesn't leave that location. If you have different types of phone show your child how to use each type of phone. A simple tip that can save minutes and lives in an emergency response.

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