Friday, June 10, 2011

Week at a Glance: June 12th- June 18th

Each week we look ahead to see what events are happening at TMC or that Team TMC is participating in:

Sunday, June 12th, 4pm-6:30pm Healthy Pregnancy Class - FREE!
For first time parents-guidance on the healthiest pregnancy possible. Learn about nutrition, exercise and fetal development, physical and emotional changes. Explore how to have a more comfortable and safe pregnancy. This class is perfect for those in their first trimester. Registration is required

Wednesday, June 15th, 6:30pm-9pm Breastfeeding Basics $25
This class is taught by Tucson Medical Center RN's who are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. Expectant mothers receive advice regarding effective techniques for successful and continuous breastfeeding, basic breastfeeding positions, helping baby latch on, how to tell if feedings are going well, and balancing work and breastfeeding. This class is taken prior to the birth of the baby. Registration is required. 

Thursday, June 16th, 10-11:30am Breastfeeding Support Group - FREE!
An informal group of mothers and babies meet to provide support for breastfeeding. This is hosted weekly by one of TMC's lactation consultants. In the Fireplace Room of the Patio Building. Enter TMC on Beverly and Grant. The Patio Building is immediately on your right. Parking is available in the lot in front of the Emergency Department. 

Saturday, June 18th & Sunday June 19th 1-5pm Weekender Preparation for Childbirth $60
A weekend class designed for busy expectant parents. The same curriculum as the traditional three week series, this weekend class presents the material in an accelerated format. The class provides information encouraging you to be an active participant in your child's birth as well as helpful coping skills and comfort measures. A tour of TMC's Labor & Delivery area is included in this course. Registration is required. 

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