Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tucson Mama shares Birth Stories

Get a group of new mamas together and inevitably birth experiences come up in the topic of conversation. Giving birth is a life altering experience by definition and sharing stories of that experience, powerful. Local parenting blogger, Tucson Mama, has been sharing birth stories on her blog as of late. This little excerpt comes from her own experience.

Tucson Mama with her son
"The next time they checked me I was at 8cm, and this was only a few hours after arriving, so I was ecstatic. The L&D nurse, who was awesome, brought in the delivery cart and told me how excited she was that we’d be delivering on her shift, which ended at 8am, and how quickly I was progressing for a first-time mom. She brought in the mirror and S and I talked about meeting our baby at dawn. I was so happy that labor was going so quickly and smoothly—for some reason I thought it would, but I almost felt guilty with the quick easy progression. The nurse said she wanted my doc to come by soon and break my waters to keep the momentum going. She checked me an hour or so later and, mysteriously, I was at 7cm. It’s not supposed to go like that! From 4 to 5 to 8 to…7? "

Go check out the rest of Linc's Birth Story on TucsonMama.

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