Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Five-Star Hotel -Countdown to Mountain of Miracles Day Eight

The monies raised by the Children's Miracle Network for TMC for Children often go to many tangible things: specialized beds for newborns, specialized thermometers for children, toys to entertain and distract, helmets for heads and fire alarms for the Desert Kids Safety Program. Over the past few years the focus developing a comfortable environment that meets the vast range of our pediatric patients needs in the new expansion. The new unit is kitted out with toys and pictures, games and books, things to make it feel as homey as possible for our young patients.

“The care has been good,” said Claudia, as she sat next to Carlos, who was resting comfortably by the afternoon. “The nurses and doctors have been great.”
Claudia brought her son Carlos to TMC for Children after he had been sick for several days. They moved quickly from the TMC Pediatric Emergency Department to the pediatric medical floor where he received the medical attention he needed from the nurses and physicians. “It feels like we are in a five-star hotel.” Claudia said of the new unit. A five-star hotel made specially for kids.

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