Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ten, Nine, Eight- Ten Days and Counting to a Mountain of Miracles

The countdown is on for the 929 The Mountain's Mountain of Miracles Radiothon which benefits the Children's Miracle Network of TMC for Children. Just ten days to go. Who does the Radiothon help? Where does the money go?

Over the next ten days we're going to share some stories from TMC for Children, how your support helps the children of Tucson and Southern Arizona. We'd love to hear your story too, share your story here. A huge thank you to Alicia for sharing her family's story.

Day Ten
"After my youngest daughter was born, we knew that we would be spending a bit of time in the hospital over the next year of her life. We just didn't quite expect to be there so soon, or for so long. At just five weeks old, she contracted an infection that landed us at TMC for Children's pediatric emergency room. We had been told by her specialist that if she were to ever get a fever, we needed to take her there immediately, as he felt this was the best place for her.

He was right.

From the moment we walked in the door, we were taken care of. What was especially nice was that EVERYTHING was geared toward kids--from the paintings on the wall, to the ER staff...everything. For that first visit, we ended up staying at TMC for 21 days. Twenty one days in the hospital with an infant is a scary and exhausting experience, but I have to say that everything about TMC for Children made it bearable and even comfortable. The nursing staff was wonderful--caring, competent and adaptable to my family. They really made themselves flexible for our needs, which allowed us to take care of our baby while maintaining life's other responsibilities that don't stop just because your child is sick.


When we found ourselves again at TMC for another infection and a subsequent major surgery to remove part of my daughter's kidney, it was like coming to a second home. We settled back into "our" room, and the nurses remembered my baby's name and our schedule. I can't express how the support that TMC for Children gave to our family made all the difference during a very difficult time. This is a very important place for Tucson."

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