Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sharing Brian's Story - "The bigger he could crash, the bigger his laughter."

During the 92.9 The Mountain Mountain of Miracles Radiothon we hear amazing stories of strength, perseverance, hope and finding joy amid adversity. We are honored that the families and children share their stories, they inspire and humble us. 

This is Brian's story as told by his mother Christie:

"Brian was born at Tucson Medical Center (TMC) in 1987, and is quite a celebrity at TMC. The brown eyed happy-go-lucky baby was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Spina Bifida is the number one crippling birth defect, and Hydrocephalus is a secondary condition known as “water on the brain”. Additionally, Brian suffers from another secondary complication known as an Arnold Chiari Type II malformation of the brain stem, where breathing, heart rate, and upper body strength are affected. Due to many complications associated with his conditions, Brian has been through over 27 operations ranging from major brain surgeries, to orthopedic surgeries, to many others. Despite all the surgeries, countless hospital stays, near death experiences, he somehow pulls through every time, amazing everyone around him. Although Brian walked by the age of 3, he eventually became wheel chair bound by the age of 11, and even that did not hold him back. The faster he could go, the bigger he could crash, the bigger his laughter. Brian was lucky to see graduation at Cienega High School in 2006, as he took a turn for the worst after a shunt revision and became dependent on a ventilator and trach. He wasn’t expected to live past his next winter.

Brian has beat many odds thanks to Tucson Medical Center and the care he received from the nurses and doctors from the Nursery ICU, Pediatrics, Pediatrics ICU, and has recently graduated to the Adult ICU. Brian has been followed by many specialties including neurosurgery, orthopedics, pulmonary specialists, urology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, radiology, children’s rehabilitative services, and let’s not forget the Child Life Specialists who make it possible to make his stays at TMC as comfortable as possible with help to pass the time with the video games, movies, and the play room.

He loves playing tricks on his nurses, and gets the biggest kick out of beating anyone at his favorite WII video game, Mario Sports Mix. In addition, Brian enjoys watching TV, listening to country music, especially KIIM FM, going to the movies, casino slot machines, and visiting with friends and family. Brian has a younger sister Stacy, a younger brother Jason, a younger step sister, Ashley, a younger step brother Devin, and has a pet Yorkie, Max. Watching Brian go through all his struggles and triumphs has been an inspiration to everyone who knows him."

Your donations to the Children's Miracle Network via the Radiothon go directly toward services and equipment that help children here in Tucson and across Southern Arizona.

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