Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Mountain of Miracles and Firsts

As we gear up for the Mountain of Miracles which benefits TMC for Children we're taking time to look back at our pediatric firsts. Being a community hospital is not only about serving the community, but being of the community. We can not take credit for our accomplishments in pediatrics alone - they are accomplishments of our larger Tucson community. Thank you Tucson. 

Here is to another year of miracles and firsts. Join Jennie and Chris, by listening in, calling in and following along with TMC for Children and 92.9 The Mountain for the Radiothon on Facebook August 24th-26th

·         First polio ward in Southern Arizona, designated as a diagnostic and treatment facility. (1948)
·         First poison control center in Southern Arizona. (1957)
·         First in Tucson to give prenatal blood transfusion to mother of unborn RH negative baby. (1965)
·         First Intensive Care Nursery in Southern Arizona, and the eighth in the nation. (1967)
·         First in Arizona to use fluorescent lights to treat jaundice in newborns. (1967)
·         First in the nation with a baby who survived a one-pound birth weight. (1968)
·         First quadruplet birth recorded in any Arizona hospital. (1970)
·         First program in Tucson for testing hearing of newborns. (1970)
·         First home visit program of its kind in Arizona for children with cystic fibrosis. (1971)
·         First Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Tucson. (1972)
·         First free-standing Ambulatory Surgery Center for outpatients in Southern Arizona. (1974)
·         First in Southern Arizona with a long-term Pediatric Special Care Unit. (1984)
·         First Antepartum Program in Southern Arizona. (1989)
·         First in the nation to offer patients and visitors the New Parents Network computer data bank. (1992)
·         First in Tucson to open lactation clinic to help breastfeeding moms. (1993)
·         First hospital-based pediatric Respigam infusion program in Southern Arizona (1997)
·         First hospital-based mother-baby follow-up program in Southern Arizona. (1997)
·         First in Southern Arizona with 24-hour perinatology coverage in labor and delivery. (1998)
·         First in Southern Arizona with a boutique dedicated to breastfeeding support and supplies, the Desert Cradle (1999)
·         First in Arizona to use digital photo system for newborn portraits, offering proofs and prints to families before they leave the hospital (2000)
·         First in Southern Arizona to open a Children’s Emergency Center with dedicated facilities and staff (2001)
·         First in Southern Arizona to join Andrea’s Closet, a Phoenix-based charity that connects pediatric patients with a new toy (2003)
·         First in Tucson to create a free family event, Be Safe Saturday, to offer vital safety information with community partners (2004)
·         First in Southern Arizona with associate membership in the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (2007)
·         First in Southern Arizona to join a NICU quality initiative applying evidence-based practices to improve care for 100,000 premature babies nationwide (2010)
·         First in Southern Arizona to join Cord Blood Registry program “Newborn Possibilities,” which saves cord blood of at-risk newborns for potential treatment of neurological injury (2010)
·         First in Southern Arizona to earn the Care Award from the International Lactation Consultant Association for support of breastfeeding (2011)

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