Friday, August 26, 2011

JC - Always a Champion

JC Boyd captures your heart and challenges each of us to reach what sometimes seems unobtainable. Simply, he is an inspiration. 

Though he came into the world 10 weeks early, J.C. Boyd of Tucson, seemed in good health when he went home from the hospital.  His parents didn’t notice anything unusual until J.C. was about six months old and hadn’t started rolling over.  By nine months, he still wasn’t rolling over, so his parents took him to Tucson Medical Center for evaluation.  There they learned J.C. had cerebral palsy.

Although his condition affects him physically, mostly on the left side, J.C. is persistent in facing challenges and doesn’t give up.  At a young age, he set goals for himself to be able to walk, swim, ride a bike, play catch and hit a soccer ball.  He has accomplished every single one.

For the past 12 years, J.C. has been joined in his fight with cerebral palsy by his second family, the staff at TMC’s Pediatric Therapies.  In particular, Charlene Fregosi has been his physical therapist the entire eight years.  His therapy becomes sessions working on the things he wants to achieve.  When its soccer season, Charlene and J.C. work on running and changing directions and for baseball, swinging the bat and staying balanced. 

J.C. is a bright, imaginative young man who knows how to achieve his goals.  He will go far in his life because he knows all about hard work and isn’t afraid of it.  This year he will be a junior at Sabino High School.  He was the 2005 CMN Champion Child

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