Sunday, August 21, 2011

Taking steps to control asthma


It is day three in the countdown to 92.9 The Mountain's Radiothon. The Radiothon raises funds through the Children's Miracle Network for TMC for Children.

Tucson was historically where people suffering from asthma came to recuperate and find relief from their   symptoms. Today, Tucson is an asthma hotspots. We partner with pulmonologists to work with families to provide training and education that families need in order to recognize triggers, manage symptoms, and control asthma.

Does your child have asthma? The following is a guide to help. If you are not able to answer any of these questions, check with your TMC provider.

  • Be able to name your child's medications and describe what each medication does
  • Know how and when to give your child the medications
  • Know what to do when your child has symptoms
  • Know how to inform your child's school nurse about any medications that your child needs to take while a school or in child care or before participating in gym or sports
  • Be able to identify actions that you may need to take at home to decrease your child's exposure to triggers such as secondhand smoke, animals and dust

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